Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: “Monkberry Moon Delight”

Michael Gerber
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Michael Gerber
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Ran across this in the comments at the always-entertaining, and felt moved to share. When Paul asked, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins obliged.

My life has been taken over by Bystander, but I hope to post more in the coming months. Carry on.

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  1. Hologram Sam wrote:

    I didn’t know about the subtle lyric change until I saw the dangerousminds comment. Screamin’ Jay didn’t want to sing about drugs.
    Here’s an essay about She Said She Said by Alec Wilkinson:

  2. Ram shows you that a) McCartney is the most talented record producer of his time, maybe all time, and b) he desperately needs three other dudes to tell him when his tunes need work. It’s come to be recognized, rightly, as a masterpiece, but a damaged, demented masterpiece.

  3. Nancy Carr wrote:

    Well, I love “Ram” more on each listen, and can only second Stephen Thomas Erlewine’s current review on that it’s “a more unique, exquisite pleasure with each passing year.”

  4. Justin wrote:

    That She Said article is terrific. Started me down a rabbit hole that introduced me to two Gopnik articles that I also got a lot out of. There’s no end to the subjects, themes and events that you can relate the Beatles’ music to.

  5. Hologram Sam wrote:

    Another cover, from The Residents

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