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  • User AvatarHologram Sam I'm convinced John's last songs were written for/inspired by Paul. "Just Like Starting Over" "Free As A Bird" "Now and Then" etc. – Aug 15, 5:58 AM
  • User AvatarVirginia Who knows? Maybe. I have never got why in Dear Friend Paul decides to declare he was in love with a friend of his really truly young and newly wed. It never made sense to me. It could not be Linda, because they were not newly wed. And she was... – Aug 14, 8:43 PM
  • User AvatarShelly Two years after this blog started, I am just reading it. Yes, I'm late to the party. I don't know if this is possible, but when Paul wrote Dear Friend, could he have been thinking of the time when they first fell in love, when John was young and newly... – Aug 13, 7:26 PM
  • User AvatarNancy Carr Bootlegs are all over the place when it comes to running order and anything else -- I recall the "Wings Over Switzerland" CD set I encountered that had entirely wrong titles on the discs []. If authors published by reputable presses differ with what the bootleg says, I'd never go... – Jul 27, 10:26 AM
  • User AvatarRob Geurtsen My experience with bootleggers is that they hardly ever stick to the 'truth'. Sequencing is almost always hard to understand and musically uninteresting. . I am not sure why Beatle-fans are looking for truths, what has that to do with the music? My fascination with the truth is related to... – Jul 24, 4:22 PM
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