The Rutles: Cheese and Onions

By |2013-12-05T14:52:53-08:00June 10, 2012|Rutles| Just in case you'd never seen it.BTW, Kate and I went to see the newly refurbished "Yellow Submarine" last month, which looks gorgeous. That recent viewing reminds me just how wonderful and detailed this parody really is. Two thumbs up from the toughest parody critic you know. :-)

My night of Rutlesmania

By |2015-01-02T11:04:33-08:00March 19, 2008|Beatle-inspired, Beatles in LA, comedy, Eric Idle, Monty Python, Rutles|

The Faux Fabs. People fortunate enough to witness a defining moment in human history always say the same thing: you can sense it happening. It’s as if there’s a subtle vibration, a whiff of something special in the air. If that’s true, no place in the world stank harder than Hollywood this past Monday night, as a majority of the world's celebrities packed themselves into the venerable Egyptian Theater to pay homage to one of the most important musical groups of our, or anyone’s, lifetime. Of course you already know who I’m talking about: Ron, Dirk, Stig, and Barry, the [...]

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