In 2005, after going to college together and working in publishing in New York City, friends Ed Park and Mike Gerber realized that they both loved The Beatles. (You would think it might have come up in the prior 15 years, but no.) Mike and Ed also realized that several friends were serious Beatles fans, in particular Devin McKinney, who had written for Ed at the Village Voice. Our current age being what it is, this minute discovery of common ground led to the formation of a Beatles team-blog.

The Beatles photographed in 1967 by Richard Avedon

Mike had this hanging above his bed all through high school.

Other friends and colleagues have occasionally posted, usually people in the writing game. With the addition of Nancy Carr and Karen Hooper, prolific and intelligent commenters have  become regular posters to the site, keeping it from devolving into an endless discussion on the merits and demerits of The White Album, and/or whether John Lennon was a bit “light in the loafers.”

Our purpose is simple enjoyment, but over time Hey Dullblog has provided a space for intelligent, in-depth commentary on The Beatles, their music and their era. A place, as the old Blogger site used to say, “for people who think about The Beatles maybe a little too much.”

By the way, we make every effort to respect the rights of copyright holders. If we have posted something that you created and would like us to take it down, please contact Mike via the site, and he will do so immediately. Fair use/commentary/criticism being an evolving standard (especially on the internet), you can see how we handle such stuff by reading this post.