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  • User AvatarMarlo This is very interesting seeing as the person is 59, so must have had some exposure to the songs and maybe some of the stories of the break up and the solo career songs. I came into fandom myself as a young kid, ( born 1974) who listened to my... – May 27, 2:50 AM
  • User AvatarLara @pidpoo, I just want to explain what I meant by performance 'addiction' as it was meant to understand Paul, not to dismiss him. The usual suspects accuse him of touring because he is greedy, that he wants even more money, or that he performs to satisfy his giant ego. I... – May 27, 12:40 AM
  • User AvatarPidpoo @Michelle, thanks for the trivia about John’s jazzy guitar playing. I love when he lets loose on guitar. Honey Pie is exceptional Tin Pan Alley twenties style and, of course, Wings version of the Tin Pan Alley twenties and thirties is You Gave Me the Answer...done on album and seen... – May 26, 10:49 PM
  • User AvatarMichelle Speaking of "Honey Pie", I heard on the Beatles channel today that John plays the jazzy guitar bit in the song. I'll be damned. I love when I learn something new about the Beatles. The Beatles Bible mentions it too, but that's one I never looked up. – May 26, 5:50 PM
  • User AvatarPidpoo @Michelle, as on a different thread you wanted a list of Paul deep meanings lyrics you note nothing wings did like prior Paul Beatles songs or albums, an apples to oranges argument as different eras and Paul said never tried to repeat himself, but I submit.....Wings song no words... – May 26, 2:09 PM
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