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  • User AvatarNancy Carr Sam, I saw it and plan to review it next week (traveling now with only intermittent internet access). I look forward to hearing what HD readers think of the film. – Jul 14, 6:19 AM
  • User AvatarHologram Sam Not sure if I should post this, but I found it incredibly moving. If you don't want it up, I understand. But I'd love a review of the film if Michael or Nancy see it. – Jul 12, 5:17 AM
  • User AvatarMichael Gerber Oh Marlo, you will LOVE Devin’s book. You might like mine, though the process of writing it was so painful I simply cannot judge its quality. Whoever it gets silly, that was a part of the story I didn’t feel comfortable telling. I really keep it in print for Dullblog... – Jul 11, 4:24 AM
  • User AvatarMarlo Sorry, off topic. But I have just ordered Devins Magic Circles and Michaels Life after Death for Beginners. So excited. Got two weeks off coming up and these are my reading dreams. – Jul 11, 4:05 AM
  • User AvatarMarlo Winner Hi all. Dreadfully unfortunate about “ Johnette” . I don’t think that was the greatest photo to use as a base. Georgina is the best looking girl for me. But speaking to a female Beatles, yesterday or ever, just wouldn’t happen. Women aren’t taken seriously in anything. Even cooking, you’ve... – Jul 10, 5:03 AM
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