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  • Nancy CarrNancy Carr Michael B., good point about John's aversion to "Old Celebrity." I thought about Lennon's reaction to fame when I read this passage in the new novel Opiod, Indiana by Brian Allen Carr (which I recommend): . "I feel like there are two types of misery in this word. There's not... – Feb 20, 7:56 AM
  • Michael BleicherMichael bleicher @notorious, I think if you’re interested in this stuff (and as Michael Gerber has warned, it’s not exactly pleasant), it’s where Goldman’s book is useful. Not for what it says but for what it comes close to saying, but does not say. And I think this, as much as protecting... – Feb 19, 10:03 PM
  • Michael BleicherMichael Bleicher @Michael, great points. Your points about Lennon not growing into an adult self reminds me of Hunter Davies book, where he notes that Cynthia tells John, "you seem to need the other more than they need you." The closest we get to John's best self seems to be who he... – Feb 19, 9:47 PM
  • User Avatarnotorious_g_i_b Oh please, Michael, let me hear them! As for you, Michael-who-wrote-the-article, my instinct says, like Donald Sutherland's Mr. X in Oliver Stone's JFK, "You're close, you're closer than you think..." – Feb 19, 8:57 PM
  • User AvatarRose Decatur Just like with the PID people, sometimes I find the John/Paul shipper analysis of songs interesting. but at a certain point it just becomes....boring. Interpreting every line, song, image, statement and sign the guys made as secret message by/for/about a secret relationship just seems so ignorant of the way writing... – Feb 19, 6:08 PM
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