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  • User AvatarAlejandra Eleven years late but, when I read Gringo, I laughed hard!. In fact, there is probably such a band. – Nov 11, 11:20 PM
  • User AvatarMichael Gerber OK, there's a lot in this comment and without copious quantities of time and alcohol, neither of which are at hand, I fear I won't be able to nearly do it justice. But here goes. I am purposely speaking intemperately, with much more emotion than I really feel, for the... – Nov 11, 10:34 PM
  • Nancy CarrNancy Carr Justin, I agree with you about both Dylan and "Dark Side of the Moon." . The mockumentary "Like A Mighty Wind" makes me think of Dylan, even though it has an overtly more Peter, Paul, and Mary focus. . I also agree with you about "tough music," but I think... – Nov 11, 3:28 PM
  • User AvatarJustin McCann Is there a worse idea in the whole art world than 'feeling it is enough'? It's well-known that the Beatles didn't know theory, and that's led every generation that's followed to think they can also write amazing songs without theory - but the problem is only 0.01% of them are... – Nov 11, 2:14 PM
  • User AvatarJustin McCann Mike, the cold weather’s making you MEAN! Poor Mr. Reed! 😉 OK, this is gonna be fun. Here goes. . The Donald Clarke piece you linked to is boilerplate punk reverse snobbery (he’s the Irish Times’ *film* critic by the way, and it shows). Exactly the kind of reactionary-but-thinks-it’s-the-opposite-of-reactionary old... – Nov 11, 1:44 PM
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