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  • User AvatarMichael Gerber I LOOOOVE Tomorrow Never Knows. Revolver is the countdown; Pepper is the blast off. – Sep 22, 11:20 AM
  • User AvatarMichael Gerber Wow, coming from you that’s a huge compliment. Everybody, Scott does these amazing in depth Sonic explorations of Beatles albums which you can see in theaters (and even stream, right Scott?). They are stupendous. – Sep 22, 11:19 AM
  • User AvatarLinda Pepper is my favorite too Michael. Interestingly Pepper used to be my son's favorite but now it's Revolver. We've had many debates over this. While I've always appreciated Revolver (especially Tomorrow Never Knows) and recognized it for the great album it is, when I want to listen to a middle... – Sep 22, 8:12 AM
  • User AvatarScott Freiman Great article, Michael! – Sep 22, 5:24 AM
  • User AvatarAlejandra Oh! I'm late for the party, I wish this blog had an "awesome" button for comments... I read all your comments, and there's not much left to say... Or maybe there is but for now I can only come up with an interpretation of why Paul would try to reverse... – Sep 22, 1:22 AM
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