Why I love our commenters so much…

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This, just received today from commenter "Otto Didact," capping our conversation on the true/hidden meaning of "Norwegian Wood": I've heard from a very, very reliable source - literally the horses mouth - that "Norwegian Wood" was just a play on words as Lennon loved to do. It sounds an awful lot like "knowing she would" doesn't it. As in isn't it a nice knowing she would/will put out. Think about it. Much more clever and subtle, as The Beatles were, than burning down a house. How ridiculous. And Lennon at that time in his life wasn't getting blown off much. As in [...]

Isn’t it good?

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I should (clone myself and) reread Haruki Murakami's novel Norwegian Wood, possibly my favorite of his books. The blog Night RPM (Linden Park) translates, in two parts (1 and 2), Murakami's afterword to the book. Here's a nice bit: The first part of Norwegian Wood was written in Greece, the second part, in Sicily, and the final part, in Rome. There weren’t tables or chairs in the cheap hotel room that I rented in Athens. So I went to a taberu (* bar) every day, repeatedly listened to Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on my Walkman about 120 times, and wrote [...]

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