The Never-Ending Beatles Trivia Quiz Challenge — Question #2

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GUEST POST BY EUGENE • I guess the trivia torch has been passed. I really enjoyed answering Devin's cleverly-crafted connect-the-dots challenge, so here's another one for you all. After seeing Ozzy Osbourne (a self-proclaimed Beatlemaniac) at MSG in December, I was inspired to think of this question... Over the decades, each of the Beatles worked on a musical collaboration that included a member of Black Sabbath (there have been 29). Name at least one such project for each of the four Beatles.Hint: Don't fear the snot running down the reaper's noseGood luck - the winner gets another $1 gift certificate at The Keychain [...]

You gave me the answer

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Polythene Eugene Cho gets half-credit and a $1 gift certificate at the Keychain Connection for figuring out most of the first installment of our Never-Ending Beatles Trivia Quiz Challenge. For the benighted and clueless, though, let's start at the fat bottom and work upwards, pyramid-style, to blue sky and pointy revelation... The question, you'll recall, was: What one factor connects the Beatles to three major American filmmakers of the 1970s—Francis Ford Coppola, Woody Allen, and Alan J. Pakula? The hint, you'll equally recall, was: What you talkin' 'bout, Lightfoot? Anyone who grew up watching TV in the '70s remembers [...]

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