Happy birthday, George!

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Today (or yesterday, depending on when you asked him) would've been George Harrison's 68th birthday. Don't think about that too hard, because you'll suddenly remember all the really shitty people who made it to 68 and are still going strong. Henry Kissinger. Charles Manson. Oh well. I guess God doesn't want to be around those guys any more than we do. Thanks to commenter Gabriel McCann for unearthing this video. http://youtu.be/AarhZScyuz0

Eric Idle’s comments at George’s ceremony

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Just in case anybody missed it, here are Eric Idle's one-liner filled remarks at the ceremony last week unveiling George's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Eric Idle and George Harrison really made some magic in this here Material World, didn't they? http://www.youtube.com/v/hWX6OsdTN64

Happy 65th birthday to Beatle Ted…I think?

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George Harrison and one of his three ukeleles. Every Beatlefan worth his/her moptop knows that George Harrison was born February 25th, 1943. Or was he? On this morning's edition of Breakfast With the Beatles KLOS' Chris Carter revealed that Harrison also gave his birthday as February 24. George's mother Louise said that he was born at 12:05 or 12:10 am on February 25. She should know, right? But on the other hand, one could understand if she was a little distracted. Harrison himself thought he was born 25 minutes earlier, which would've made it February 24. Last year Carter attempted [...]

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