God’s eye view

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God's Eye View of our guys. If you can't identify this occasion within ten seconds, you're probably here by mistake. I wonder how it was taken? Michael Lindsay-Hogg, hanging by his toes from a dirigible? EDIT: So I suppose I must excommunicate myself-- it's not the rooftop at all! Where and when exactly is a matter of debate, which can be sampled in the Comments. Now, where is that hairshirt of mine? (Made of JohnandYoko's hair; I pilfered it from Michael X.)

10-minute "Revolution"

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I love it when the sleeves can't keep up with the group.— MG ED PARK • Dullblog scout Eric brought this find to our attention—from EW's Popwatch: Over the past couple of days, Beatles fanatics have been chattering about an amazing outtake that recently leaked onto the Internet. The 10-minute-plus recording of "Revolution" (embedded below) offers a fascinating look at the wildly ambitious plans the band originally had for the song, eventually included in much shorter form on The White Album. "As someone who's heard, I'd say, 99.8 percent of the Beatles music that has leaked onto bootleg, this is [...]

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