Why Those Screaming Beatlemania Girls Matter

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Those videos of Beatlemania girls screaming have have always made me squirm. All that howling, weeping, and writhing bug me for multiple reasons. As a woman, they make me cringe because rock criticism defined itself against them: screeching gals over there, analytical guys over here. As a Beatles fan they make me wince because they (superficially) reinforce the argument made by many non-fans that the Beatles “were just a boy band.” At a time when Why-Can’t-The-Boomers-Just-Get-Over-The-Beatles-Already is a definite thing (see this Washington Post piece), it's worth asking: Really, why all that screaming? And why should any of us post-Boomers care? Measured [...]

"I’m 15 and I feel like 80"

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Well, sister, I'm 43 and feel like 15. Or 180. It changes from moment to moment. Spending time with the folks sure makes me feel young. They're coming of age at this point, and require personal care. I was a bit worried at first because they didn't want to move out of the house, but after some research I learned about Home Care Assistance Raleigh. They're right nearby at Home Care Assistance 9050 W Olympic Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 857-4740 so I set up a meeting and they seemed nice and professional enough. They've been working with my parents for [...]

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