Our Comment Policy, and the Future of Dullblog

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Flower Power. Hi folks! We're getting a LOT of comments these days, which we love. Hologram Sam just sent a yawp of protest over a couple of his comments not appearing, so I wanted to set down what our guidelines are, because I realized that we haven't ever done that. 1) We love comments. Love 'em. 2) We approve 99% of readers' comments. 3) The only comments we don't approve are ones which we feel a) don't add anything substantive to the discussion, and b) are uncivil, e.g., "Yoko is a beeyotch." Ms. Ono-Lennon may or may not be a [...]

Just wanted to bring this to readers’ attention…

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An anonymous poster (tell us who you are!) left a comment on my post of Juliette Tang's John-Yoko restaging pic: I hope this is not too far off topic, but so often we concentrate on the legend of John Lennon without considering what he physically did as a performer. I came across this video, How To Play Guitar Like John Lennon: https://youtu.be/lRZDf3FryLw Perfect if you plan on joining the cast of Beatlemania, or if you just want to appreciate the techniques of the world's most underrated guitarist. The affable, edifying instrumentalist is Michael Sokil ("MJ Sokes"). Our anonymous poster also brings this [...]

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