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Flower Power.

Hi folks! We’re getting a LOT of comments these days, which we love. Hologram Sam just sent a yawp of protest over a couple of his comments not appearing, so I wanted to set down what our guidelines are, because I realized that we haven’t ever done that.

1) We love comments. Love ’em.
2) We approve 99% of readers’ comments.
3) The only comments we don’t approve are ones which we feel a) don’t add anything substantive to the discussion, and b) are uncivil, e.g., “Yoko is a beeyotch.” Ms. Ono-Lennon may or may not be a beeyotch, and it’s certainly your right to feel any way you wish, but in general we try to keep the tone of Dullblog up. When in doubt, we approve and let the readers decide.

4) If you submit a typically in-bounds comment and there’s a delay, either Blogger didn’t send me a notification, or I’m swamped and digging through email as fast as I can. Just send me another comment, as Hologram Sam did, and I’ll post them. (I’ll probably post the gripe, too, because see 1) above. The purpose of our comments is to create a sense of Beatle sangha, and being annoyed at Blog Mom is part of that.)

5) I am getting Downturn Abbey ready for publication and starting promotion; and am in mid-revamp of my own blog at Mikegerber.com. In the next month or two, I plan to move Hey Dullblog over to WordPress, which will allow us to implement about sixteen different improvements. I love what we do now, but I want Hey Dullblog to become a much fuller experience, with tons of sensibly organized resources, drawing on a wider range of writers and topics. As The Beatles turn from primarily a commercial enterprise to primarily an historical one, it would be a wonderful thing to provide a place fans could go for comprehensive, curated information, discussion, and discovery.

6) Of course a lot of this will depend on my own time/energy (I am frequently quite ill), and the schedules of my fellow Dullbloggers. If there are any things that you’d like to see us try, or features you want but we don’t have, let me know in the comments below. After we change to the new CMS, I’ll be asking my fellow Dullbloggers what they can/would like to do.

7) One of the reasons we love comments is we use them to find new people to post. If you would like to pitch a post to us, please do–just send it as a comment; I’ll read it, confer with Devin, Ed, and Nancy, and respond to the email you provide.

Typed quite literally as fast as I can—
Thanks so much for reading, and commenting—
Sorry Sam, and everybody keep chiming in!