I Forgot to Remember “I Forgot to Remember to Forget”

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Thinking about favorite unreleased Beatles songs, my mind, like most people's, went right for the studio outtakes. But I was walking across town yesterday with iPod in ears and shuffled right into George's BBC rendition of "I Forgot to Remember to Forget," one of the songs recorded by Elvis Presley at the legendary Sun Sessions. Elvis's version is lachrymose, a tear-in-beer downer to break up the honky-tonk monotony. But the Beatles do it light, and light, it turns out, is right. George tosses off the lost-love lyric with the callow elan of a boy skipping through mud puddles: he's [...]

Talkin’ Beatle books (and our Dev!)

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You forgot "Fluoridation" This afternoon, while trolling the internet for something to listen to while I was in the bath, I stumbled upon this podcast from rockcritics.com, which proved to be a very interesting roundup of Beatle tomage by Tim Riley, author of Tell Me Why (and a bio of John Lennon which I will doubtless purchase and read). Our own D. McKinney is singled out and glorified, rightly so. Anybody reading Dullblog who hasn't read Magic Circles should go do so immediately. I move we should assemble a essential Beatle Bookshelf. Any seconds? PS--In finding the photo for this [...]

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