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You forgot "Fluoridation" This afternoon, while trolling the internet for something to listen to while I was in the bath, I stumbled upon this podcast from, which proved to be a very interesting roundup of Beatle tomage by Tim Riley, author of Tell Me Why (and a bio of John Lennon which I will doubtless purchase and read). Our own D. McKinney is singled out and glorified, rightly so. Anybody reading Dullblog who hasn't read Magic Circles should go do so immediately. I move we should assemble a essential Beatle Bookshelf. Any seconds? PS--In finding the photo for this [...]

Dullblog Calendar

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By our own Devin McKinney. Go buy it, you'll like it. ED PARK • Next Tuesday (March 25) at 7 p.m., Dullblogger Devin McKinney, author of Magic Circles: The Beatles in Dream and History, will appear at a Barnes & Noble in New York, as part of "1968 Week." You don't want to miss this! He'll be at the B&N on Broadway at 82nd St., along with Charles Kaiser, Anthony DeCurtis, and Ken Mansfield. And why not click through and pick up a(nother) copy of Devin's book?

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