Happy Passover, Tatellehs and Mommellahs

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Kosher butcher cover? DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Yes, it's time once again to gather at the seder table, eat the ritual spices, set aside an empty chair for Elijah, watch as the kids search for hidden matzohs, and spin some Beatles tunes. (Anything but "Piggies.") My thoughts have gone all Semitic since being reminded today of this. (Thanks to Mickey Trester for the link—and the mitzvah.)

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Not a second time

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Macca in Israel, 2008(If I've learned nothing else in my short life, I have at least learned never to mention Israel in polite company. But I'm throwing that lesson out today, because this story is Beatle-related, and how divisive could that be?) McCartney's playing Tel Aviv in September! So says Ethan Bronner in the New York Times, recalling that the Beatles weren't welcome there back in 1965. The official permission required to withdraw precious foreign currency to pay the band was denied because a ministerial committee feared the corrupting influence of four long-haired Englishmen singing about pleasure. As the committee [...]

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