Book Review: “The Beatles & Bournemouth”

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Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Beatles & Bournemouth by Nick Churchill 176 pp. Natula Publications, 2011 Reviewed by Devin McKinney The swelling and significant subgenre of Beatles literature dealing with Beatles and place includes tourist guides like The Beatles’ London and The Beatles’ Liverpool that tell you where they walked and drank and sang, what alley, pub, or park backdropped a famous photo. There are books devoted to tours, like Larry Kane’s Ticket to Ride (North America, 1964), Barry Tashian’s Ticket to Ride (ditto, 1966), and Robert Whitaker’s mostly-photographic Eight Days a Week (Germany, Tokyo, Philippines, 1966)—in each of which, the cultural and [...]

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John and Julian Lennon. I'm not even going to attempt to date/source this photo (we know what happened the last time), but I discovered it yesterday and wanted to pass it along today. Spare a thought, and be good to the people who love you.

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