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ED PARK • Dusty Springfield asks Paul and John some questions.

(Via Don)

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One Comment

  1. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Funny interview… but when she asked Paul if he “tweezed his perfectly shaped eyebrows” I had a weird feeling that the year was 2011… that’s the kind of question someone would be asked nowadays, and then a million people on youtube would call him “gay”…

    Food for thought: If the media environment in 1963-64 was the same as it is now, would the Beatles have survived? Back then, the press looked the other way and didn’t print stories (John’s fights, Paul’s womanizing)… If there was a TMZ in 1964 following the lads around 24/7… yeeesh!

    I saw an interview recently with Justin Bieber; two teens were asking him questions, then one handed Bieber a bottle of soda. Bieber opened it, and it gushed all over his shirt; they’d shook it up before handing it to him.

    I’m not sure if the Beatles’ good-natured, charming whimsy and wordplay would have lasted under the sort of hostility and obsessiveness displayed nowadays.

    I remember one interview with the Beatles, when “In His Own Write” came out. The interviewer was an older Brit, who could barely conceal his contempt for Lennon. He said sarcastically that he didn’t know people from Liverpool knew how to write. For a brief moment, the funny, friendly mask on Lennon’s face slipped, and he looked truly pissed. The moment passed, and the light-hearted interview continued.

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