George Harrison’s Last Interview

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Ran across this yesterday for the millionth time and wanted to share; George was an interesting dude. A month later, he was diagnosed with throat cancer—making this George Harrison's last interview. George's core struggle is right here. He spoke the wisdom, saw and felt that it was true, but (for example) smoked so much he died at 58. I suppose there are some few holy men and women who can handle it, but for the rest of us, addiction is the opposite of enlightenment. George, like John, was right here in the soup with us, his flaws and virtues all mixed together. [...]

A George Harrison summer playlist

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The Best of Dark Horse came up on my iTunes shuffle the other day, and I was struck by how many George Harrison songs can go with a sunny, breezy day. George has a (not wholly undeserved) reputation as the dour Beatle, but here's a playlist of his solo songs that I think make for good summer listening. 1. "Blow Away" (1979) -- A great hook ("Blow away, blow away, blow away!") and lyrics that sound like a sequel to "Here Comes the Sun": All I got to do is to love you All I got to be is, be happy All it's got to take is [...]

Dark Horse demo

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Dig those boots. Commenter @Linda S. sent me this lovely video of George Harrison singing a Dark Horse demo. Just the thing on this rainy SoCal Sunday. (BTW, I was interested to learn -- via Wikipedia (so...y'know) -- that "[a] number of music critics rate Dark Horse as one of Harrison's finest post-Beatles compositions and believe that the single would have achieved greater success with a cleaner vocal performance."

George & Ringo: The Brothers Fab

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By Michael Ray, Guest Dullblogger  •  Discuss the Beatles and much has been made regarding the brotherhood of its two principal players, John Lennon and Paul McCartney: a team – collaboratively and spiritually. Such a force is hard to deny. But there is another brotherhood that rarely gets mention, a true musical expression of love and respect between the remaining members of the Fab Four. After all, it was George Harrison who was the first to suggest that Richard Starkey (aka: Ringo Starr) join the group and replace the band’s original drummer, Pete Best. It was George who also took a black [...]

What is Life Video Contest Entry

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Yesterday, I got the most interesting email from two Beatle fans working in the international film business. Apparently the Harrison Estate is running a worldwide contest to name the "official music video" for the Harrisong "What is Life" Based in Spain, Victor Suñer and Óscar Turín have used facial tracking and 3D modeling tech to resurrect our pal George -- and create a nice little love story, too. Victor sent me the What is Life video, plus a Making of featurette, both of which I think you'll enjoy. It's very cool, and the affection they have for George Harrison -- and the [...]

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Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster

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Star graphic designer Shepard Fairey (yes, you know him -- think "OBEY" or that Obama poster) has created a new poster of George Harrison, to celebrate/promote the release of The Apple Years 1968-75. I think it's pretty cool. What say you? Please tell me he did this by hand and eye, and didn't just apply a Photoshop filter. That MATTERS to me somehow Interested in purchasing a Shepard Fairey George Harrison Poster for your own cozy little Beatle-infused digs? Be quick and vigilant: "Silver edition to be released 24/10/14 through the George Harrison web store at 10am PST/6pm BST located [...]

George Harrison and Krishna: Devotional Display in Dallas

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NANCY CARR * While looking at the jade collection in the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas earlier this week, I was surprised to hear "My Sweet Lord" playing faintly in the distance. A museum worker was moving pedestals around in a nearby gallery, preparing for a new exhibit: was she listening to the radio quietly? Or did I just have such an advanced case of Beatles-on-the-brain that the song was only in my head? Krishna, cowherds, and cows sheltering during a storm by B.G. Sharma No, the answer was upstairs, in the exhibit "Seeing and Believing: Krishna in [...]

Update: George Harrison’s India photos (and John’s Spain ones)

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Shooting Film has a lovely post collecting all of the fisheye selfies taken by The Quiet One in India in 1966. You should read the whole post, but I'll paste the whole set of George Harrison's India photos below. [h/t Dangerous Minds, whose ever-snappy writeup is here.] FISHEYES FOREVER: ...and as a special Dullblog bonus, here's another fisheye shot from the same period, which I first saw in Devin's book Magic Circles. John's in Almería, Spain, filming How I Won the War. DM here: Thanks to Mike for posting what I knew was the only possible closing photo for my book. I [...]

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George Harrison: Early Takes: Volume 1

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Note: These are not new impressions, but ones jotted down in May 2012, the day Early Takes: Volume 1 came in the mail, and embellished more recently. George, in a photo taken in a Bahamian pool during the filming of Help!, holds his head above the water’s crystal surface, his face the perfect expression of the solemn young seeker braving the eddies and tidepools of the material world: a Siddhartha for the ‘60s. The image is rich, quiet, suggestive, like George at his best. It’s beautiful wrapping on a gift that isn’t quite there. Olivia Harrison, Giles Martin, and [...]

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