And You’re Gone

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Lucy O'Donnell as a child; Lucy Vodden grown up DEVIN McKINNEY  •  But not forgotten. Lucy Vodden, who provided the inspiration for the Beatles’ song “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” has died in London. She was 46. Her death, after a history of lupus, was announced Monday by St. Thomas’s Hospital in London, where she had been treated for more than five years, and by her husband, Ross Vodden. Ms. Vodden’s connection to the Beatles dates back to when she was Lucy O’Donnell, a schoolmate and friend of Julian Lennon…

Beatlespooks, Ch. 1: The Phantom Guardsman of Strawberry Fields

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Frames from the “Strawberry Fields” promo film, shot January 30, 1967, in Knole Park, Sevenoaks, Kent. DEVIN McKINNEY  •      At first, Paul is sanguine, at his ease, perhaps even lofty on teasmoke.                   But what does he spy, reflected in the varnished piano of a Kentish night?   A Beatle aide caught in pass, or a vigilant spirit on eternal watch?         May we say, you or I, what so widens his eye?

What Sexy Sadie did

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"Hey guys, could one of you introduce me to Mia Farrow's sister?" MIKE GERBER • "Which one of you geniuses," Ed emailed this morning, "is on the Maharishi beat?" As the least-employed member of our merry band, I guess that's me (Mike). I admit to having a real fondness for The Giggling One, and not just because I spent yesterday afternoon at a Mindfulness Meditation workshop at my local public library. (Me and 99 senior citizens.) As cartoonish as his public persona could be, it's undeniable that the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi helped change Western culture, largely for the better. And it's [...]

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