Cirque de Soleil’s “Love” at the Mirage

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Back on March 7, my husband and I saw Cirque de Soleil's Beatles-themed show Love at the Mirage hotel and casino in Las Vegas. I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, but the way things snapped shut right after that trip due to covid-19 has made it hard to figure out what to say about the experience. Please bear with this somewhat rambling account. I'd wanted to see the show for quite a while, and my husband proposed that we finally just go to Las Vegas for a weekend. We could combine seeing Love with catching up with [...]

Willy Chirino, “My Beatles Heart”

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Willie Chirino's 2011 collection of Fab Four songs, My Beatles Heart, is one of the few cover albums I listen to regularly all the way through. Chirino is a Cuban-American musician, singer, and songwriter who lives in Florida and was involved in the salsa-based "Miami Sound" back in the 1970s and 80s. I'm not familiar with much of his other music, but I highly recommend My Beatles Heart. I love the way Chirino uses Latin rhythms and instrumentation on these covers and the creativity he shows in referencing other Beatles songs within a cover. On the "Yellow Submarine" version below, for instance, [...]

Interview with Jay Goeppner of the the Beatle Brothers

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Chicago-based singer Jay Goeppner pours his fervent love for the music of the Beatles, and John Lennon, into every performance. His voice, and his energy onstage, are almost eerily similar to Lennon's. I've seen several of his Beatle Brothers shows, and can testify that the only time I've gotten a stronger Beatles vibe was at Paul McCartney's concerts, since rock and metal concerts have always been my favorites and I even look for metal concerts near me every time I can. I caught up with Jay by phone recently, as he was returning from a last-minute road trip to fill in for [...]

The Beatles, Sean Spicer, and the Chicago Women’s March

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Saturday was a tale of two crowds: the kerfuffle over the inauguration audience and the turnout for the women's marches around the country and around the world. Given that the facts / "alternative facts" in question concerned crowd size, it's fitting that the ever-popular Beatles featured in a couple of the memes generated in the wake of Sean Spicer's statements to the press about the audience for the inauguration.   The Women's March in Chicago this past Saturday, which I participated in, did have one actual link to the Beatles: members of the local cast of "Hamilton" performed "Let It Be" at the rally. I didn't [...]

Hey Jude by Tiny Tim and the Brave Combo

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UPDATE: Such is the awesome power of Dullblog, that the video of Hey Jude by Tiny Tim has been taken down less than 12 hours after this post. In its place, I offer Tim's version of "Girl," which should give you a flavor. Anybody who finds a link to "Hey Jude," lemme know and I'll replace it. Just to be absolutely clear, I love that we live in a world where Tiny Tim existed; if he hadn't existed, I would've longed to invent him. And I'm glad there are people who like his work. But... Brave" is the word I'd apply [...]

I’m Down by Joe Strummer

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"You tell lies thinkin' I can't see..." This morning, I awoke to find this gem in the comment queue from @O'Boogie... "Long time/first time — tangentially, there are some neat bits of Beatles flavoured trivia to London’s pub rock/proto-punk scene. Joe Strummer christened John Tiberi (pre-Clash manager of The 101’ers, later associated with the Pistols) “Boogie” because he’d smoke Winston cigarettes; before “No Elvis, Beatles or The Rolling Stones” in 1977, Strummer was speeding through material like I’m Down and I Saw Her Standing There." Here's the YouTube in question; I've cued it up for "I'm Down." Thanks, @O'Boogie, and [...]

Fest for Beatles Fans Chicago 2015

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In the "better late than never" department, herewith some notes about attending a day of #ChiFest15 -- the first such I'd ever been to. My 16-year-old daughter accompanied me, and we met up with fellow Dullblogger Michael for part of the day. -- Nancy Carr Two Fest helpers -- the one in the white hat and sunglasses looked unnervingly like Yoko from some angles Events:  A lot, and quite varied. Most fell into one of the following categories: authors talking about their books, people with some affiliation with the Beatles talking (often about their books), and a grab bag of alternatives (sing along contests, a FABratory of Beatles-related science, [...]

Oasis: “Tomorrow Never Knows”

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I'm really of two minds about Oasis', and specifically Liam Gallagher's, love of The Beatles. On the one hand, this is a nice little cover of "Tomorrow Never Knows." (Extra points for Johnny Marr.) On the other, I just read what the Gallagher brothers supposedly did to John Lennon's talisman. You know the one he wore practically daily from early '67 to late '68. First Noel: “I bought [Liam] a few presents in the 90’s. I bought him a thing from an auction which was an Indian necklace thing that John Lennon wore when he went to see the Maharishi. It's worth [...]

George Starostin on “McLemore Avenue”

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We got the front . . . .   NANCY CARR * My favorite music reviewer, the indefatigable George Starostin, has just published this review of Booker T. and the M.G.'s McLemore Avenue. He calls it "the first authentic case of musical cosplay in pop/rock history," and I have to concur, though I enjoy the results more than he does. I certainly agree with Starostin's assessment of Abbey Road as exerting an "otherworldly" power: . . . and the back! "It is cozy for me to know that, of all Beatles albums, it was Abbey Road that struck [...]

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