The Beatles and Class open thread

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Saturday Evening Post, August 15, 1964. Beatles as City gents; two British stereotypes for the price of one! Over the past several months there's been a topic in the wind here on Dullblog — no, not just Beatle-boinking -- but the impact of class on the Beatles story. We've talked about it might've shaped their relationships with each other (particularly John being, or considering himself, just a little bit posher than the other three). And we've noted how it is almost never mentioned, particularly by American authors. But given their time and place, class was as much a part of [...]

The Beatles and the Aristocracy

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City gents, 1964. After watching a tantalizing but toothless BBC documentary on the English aristocracy, my musing mind wondered: what was the relationship between the Beatles and the aristocracy? I'm not talking about professional contact -- not "rattle your jewelry" or the MBE -- but what John, Paul, George and Ringo felt personally. The more I think about it, the more I'm surprised at how little public contact there seems to have been between the Beatles and the aristocracy, especially given the high/low mixing that Swinging London was known for. I know that Seltaeb was run by Horse Guards' own [...]

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