Current favorite song: "Blue Sway"

By |2013-08-03T04:46:58-07:00January 26, 2013|1980, McCartney, McCartney II, Paul McCartney|

From McCartney II (1980). Paul McCartney is an amazing dude. Here I am, positively obsessing over his stuff for 40 out of my 43 years, and yesterday I stumbled upon this great tune, which I'd never heard. "Blue Sway" has proceeded to dominate my consciousness for 36-going-on-48 hours. Paul, please promise to use this awesome power only for good, never for evil. Whatever else you want to say about the man (and there's a lot to say, and we say it here) pop music just pours out of him. I feel very lucky to be living at the same time, [...]

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