Killing Joke

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MOLLIE WILSON REILLY • Did anybody else see McCartney on The Colbert Report Wednesday night? It was a pretaped interview, and it was...uncomfortable. At least, I thought so -- what do you think? The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Why so prickly, Sir Paul? Where's that sense of humor? And why is the editing so choppy? At first it seemed so disjointed I thought maybe it was a spoof interview -- either they were matching answers with different questions (as they sometimes do on these humorous TV programs), or perhaps -- given the constant [...]

Happy ever after in the marketplace?

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In 1966, after a secret car accident, bassist Paul McCartney was replaced in the group by actress Angela Lansbury MOLLIE WILSON REILLY • This week, Mimi Smartypants expresses a dislike of the Beatles. Generally I feel like this is her funeral (and it's amusingly put as always) -- but the specific circumstances have me puzzled:During these last few workdays I have been running a lot of stupid errands---post office, Walgreen's, etc---and could I maybe just go one day without hearing a goddamn Beatles song? I don't know who decided that the Beatles are the Lowest Common Denominator of crowd-pleasing shopping [...]

Oh! Our mistake

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Harmless-seeming Pied Piper of the Get High Generation From Many Years from Now, Paul McCartney's memoir/bio, page 314: "...Another inaccurate but frequently told story is that 'Fixing a Hole' was about heroin. This track is actually about marijuana."

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