The Beatles As They Were Heard: KHJ 93 Los Angeles

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KHJ billboard, LA, 1960's. Yesterday quite randomly I stumbled upon this archive of recordings from Los Angeles' legendary rock and roll radio station, KHJ. "Boss 93" started in 1965, and for fourteen years was beloved by young groovers like Quentin Tarentino, who used the station as part of the soundscape behind Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. (Here's a nice appreciation from Los Angeles Magazine.) I started with this hour, from April 24, 1966. As I listened, it made me aware of a bunch of things: 1) The furious pace of change in The Beatles' music. We talk about this [...]

"The Beatles and Black America"

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Today at 2 p.m., WNYC's Soundcheck is doing a show on "The Beatles and Black America." The website's description: The early sound of the Beatles was shaped by African American musicians like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Today, guest hostElliott Forrest looks at how The Fab Four influenced - and were influenced by - the music of black America.

Every little thing

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The Beatles, as seen (and heard) in Norway "Some weeks ago, NRK - Norwegian Broadcasting - signed a deal with music rights holder organisation TONO in Norway. The new deal gives NRK right to publish podcasts of all previously broadcasted radio- and tv-programs that contains less then 70% music. Podcast containing music may be up for four weeks, while our podcast without music stay up on our server forever. One result of this deal, is that we now can publish 'Vår daglige Beatles' - 'Our Daily Beatles' in English - as a podcast..." "In this series from 2001, journalists Finn [...]

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