"The Beatles and Black America"

Beatles and Little RichardToday at 2 p.m., WNYC’s Soundcheck is doing a show on “The Beatles and Black America.” The website’s description:

The early sound of the Beatles was shaped by African American musicians like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Today, guest hostElliott Forrest looks at how The Fab Four influenced – and were influenced by – the music of black America.

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  1. Don’t know if this would rate a mention in the radio show, but I remember reading a Playboy interview with Spike Lee, c. 1991 (he was promoting “Jungle Fever”), in which he said he was a big Beatles fan as a kid, and even had their poster on the wall of his Brooklyn bedroom. But his father, a well-known jazz bassist (who backed folk-era Dylan as well as most of the jazz greats), told Spike to take the poster down and listen to jazz instead. Maybe the music in his movies would be better if he hadn’t obeyed.

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