The unexpected from Ono and McCartney

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NANCY CARR • I think Michael’s comments on the previous post about Paul McCartney’s seeking to entertain an audience, while Yoko Ono seeks to instruct one, are right on the mark and help clarify why people frequently can’t stand one or the other of them. What I find interesting about their respective tendencies is that both do their best work  (in my opinion, of course) when they ease off those attitudes. When McCartney worries less about whether people will like what he does, and when Ono expresses her musical gifts without apparent concern for whether the results sound explicitly experimental, they sound [...]

Yoko in Cyberspace

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Yoko Ono as (an amazingly cute) child. Yoko Ono's on Twitter, how awesome is that? To celebrate this I tweeted (mgerber937) the following: "So I went to her Twitter feed, and it said, '...' Nothing else, just '...' and I thought, 'Wow, that could be anything. Could be 'yes,' 'no', 'piss off', whatever you wanted it to be. It reflects your own internal monologue--you're Twittering yourself. And that's really quite brilliant, because that's what cyberspace is all about." (In celebration of Yoko in cyberspace, I'm riffing on various breathless run-on Lennon interview-quotes about meeting Yoko at the Indica: This was near [...]

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