White Album Not All That, Writer Claims

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Nik Cohn & Ben Ratliff DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Here, via Rockcritics.com, is a New York Times podcast from September, half of which is devoted to a talk between music critic Ben Ratliff and pop-crit originator Nik Cohn on the remastered version of the White Album (which Ratliff deliciously informs us is currently #16 on the LP charts, "right below Lady Gaga"). Cohn, who was the Times's London correspondent on pop matters circa 1968-70, trashed the Beatles' masterpiece in their pages (see the December 15, 1968, headline bannering this post); now he has softened somewhat, admitting subtleties and qualities precluded at [...]

A Youtube Gem

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http://youtu.be/OxmP9UDkoGw Here are the guys recording the "Hey Bulldog" video (and song) on 11 February 1968, just before heading off to India...A kick-ass tune from, to my way of thinking, their last session as The Beatles. Enjoy Lennon's muttonchops and Ringo's "All You Need is Love" skins. So good, we named the blog after it.

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