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Here are the guys recording the “Hey Bulldog” video (and song) on 11 February 1968, just before heading off to India…A kick-ass tune from, to my way of thinking, their last session as The Beatles. Enjoy Lennon’s muttonchops and Ringo’s “All You Need is Love” skins. So good, we named the blog after it.

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  1. My very favorite George Harrison guitar break

  2. Avatar Ingrid wrote:

    A very funky, overlooked song. I think I’ve seen this clip with “Lady Madonna” as the soundtrack. Could that be?

  3. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Oh yes, Ingrid! Lewisohn confirms what you already knew. And I found this snippet on rec.music.beatles:

    “February 11, 1968: The Beatles were filmed in color on this day recording “Hey Bulldog” at EMI studios. The film was used to produce two nearly identical promo films for “Lady Madonna.” The film aired in the UK in black & white on Top of the Pops (Mar 14 and Apr 4), “All Systems Freeman” (Mar 15), and “Top of the Pops ‘68” (Dec 25). It aired in the US in color on Mar 30 on “The Hollywood Palace.” Both films have been bootlegged and a version interspersed with footage of The Beatles recording “Hey Jude” (see Jul 30) was included on The Beatles Anthology, Tape # 7.”

  4. Avatar synthhtnys wrote:

    Absolutely classic! I’ve just finished Bob Spitz’s book on The Beatles and am smack-dab in the middle of a Beatles frenzy.

    I completely agree with you about these sessions being pretty much the last in terms of the Beatles unity as a band.

    Paul Ellis

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