Apple Jam: Off the Beatle Track

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Oh, you'll like this In the process of refurbishing Nancy Carr's earlier post on the Seattle-based Beatle-tribute band Apple Jam, I discovered these videos and had to pass them on. 2009's "Off the Beatle Track" is Apple Jam doing an LP's worth Lennon/McCartney songs never released by the Beatles (a recent obsession of mine) in the style of the early Beatles. What I'm noticing as I listen to this stuff is the pure songwriting chops; the variation between songs and sounds, the multitude of hooks. And Apple Jam's performance is convincing me that, if The Beatles had wanted to apply [...]

Apple Jam’s take on Lennon & McCartney

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If you wish you could hear a new Lennon/McCartney single, check out Apple Jam’s “On the Wings of a Nightingale” EP. This Seattle Beatles tribute band has a whole album of Lennon/McCartney covers to their credit (“Off the Beatle Track,” a compliation of songs the writing partners gave to other performers). But “On the Wings of a Nightingale” is something special: an opportunity to enjoy music while contributing to a good cause (Seattle Anesthesia Outreach’s work with hospitals in Ethiopia), and to hear the songs done in different Beatlesque styles. (Drummer Alan White, who performed with Lennon, Harrison, and Yes, performs on [...]

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