Indiana, Indiana, Indiana

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  This is some of what the Beatles did on their trip to the heartland (see Ed's audio post of the Indiana State Fair show below). John's laugh looks a bit, er, forced. Derek Taylor is already framing the priceless prose in which he'll one day memoirize this moment. Miss Indiana State Fair looks taller than all of them ("Milk. It does a body good"). Where is Paul? Probably off securing a private room for himself and Miss I. S. F.

Attention Millionaires: Beatles for Sale! (including John and Yoko’s Sexual History)

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One of the more intriguing items at auction. Roger over at WogBlog has an excellent head's-up on a massive collection of Beatle personal items/memorabilia from Beatle author Geoffrey Giuliano and one-time Beatle designers The Fool. (A lot of this stuff—which is really mind-blowing—seems to have originated with Derek Taylor, or directly from George and John.) I don't know what I think about memorabilia. On the one hand, I definitely feel the attraction of it—what Beatles fan wouldn't want a letter from George to the other Beatles asking them not to break up the group? On the other hand, memorabilia also [...]

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