John Lennon’s Self-Portrait

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Lennon Self-Portrait No, this isn’t THAT self-portrait--the home movie of the same name, depicting John’s penis in various states of erection (which Yoko has kept under wraps and Beatle fans have been trying to find ever since), but this, an early oil painting done by the man himself, up for auction by Cooper Owen Music Media Auctions in 2014. According to the auction site, John Lennon’s first ever self-portrait that he painted at art college in 1958 has emerged for sale in our next auction. The abstract work in oil depicts a red figure side-on with unflattering features including ‘moobs’ and [...]

John Lennon’s hair…

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Lennon, post-shearing, 1966 is worth more than your car. (Probably.) A lock of Lennon's hair clipped in 1966 for his role in "How I Won The War" has been sold at auction for a whopping $35,000. (That is one smart "German hairdresser.") No word as to whether the "U.K.-based collector" is planning on cloning Mr. John, like a Canadian dentist is attempting. Dr. Michael Zuk bought a tooth, and thinks that entitles him to the whole thing. He says he wants to raise John II as his own son, keeping him away from booze and cigarettes. (And, perhaps, conceptual artists? [...]

Attention Millionaires: Beatles for Sale! (including John and Yoko’s Sexual History)

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One of the more intriguing items at auction. Roger over at WogBlog has an excellent head's-up on a massive collection of Beatle personal items/memorabilia from Beatle author Geoffrey Giuliano and one-time Beatle designers The Fool. (A lot of this stuff—which is really mind-blowing—seems to have originated with Derek Taylor, or directly from George and John.) I don't know what I think about memorabilia. On the one hand, I definitely feel the attraction of it—what Beatles fan wouldn't want a letter from George to the other Beatles asking them not to break up the group? On the other hand, memorabilia also [...]

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