Hey Dullblog Loves Harry Nilsson!

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I have always been simply potty for John and Paul's "favorite American group," born 80 years ago today on June 15, 1941. Here are a few of our posts on Harry over the years. 2010: Info on the film "Who Is Harry Nilsson? (And why is everybody talking about him?)" 2011: Nilsson's cover of "Isolation"  2013: Harry Nilsson: The Shadow Beatle (MG discusses the tragic arc of Nilsson and Lennon) 2014: Jimmy Webb on Harry Nilsson 2019: A Touch of Nilsson in the Night (Pussycats era demos) It is my tragic fate to have been born one day before Harry. Guess who [...]

Jimmy Webb on Harry Nilsson

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Everything's OK with Harry N. Trolling the internet in the wake of another viewing of "Who In The World Is Harry Nilsson?" I ran across this interview with the legendary songwriter Jimmy Webb on Harry Nilsson. Nilsson fans are well-nigh enjoined to read it. Here's a nice meaty quote for you: [Harry] was proud of that [the famous screaming contest with John Lennon]. There was a lot of testosterone floating through the air, and John, in a way... Well, there are a lot of Lennon fans out there, God forbid I should say anything about John, but he kind of [...]

Harry Nilsson: The Shadow Beatle

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Harry Nilsson in the studio, right around the time John and Paul made him famous. Can I just assume that everybody reading this knows Harry Nilsson? If not, scroll down to the bottom of this post, and listen—I'll wait until you get back. (You can also go to the great Nilsson site "For The Love of Harry," but it's recently changed to invite-only.) Harry was one of the biggest Beatles fans around, and one of the few who could compose and sing almost as well as the Fabs themselves. He's also a really interesting window into our favorite foursome. “Harry [...]

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