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I have always been simply potty for John and Paul’s “favorite American group,” born 80 years ago today on June 15, 1941. Here are a few of our posts on Harry over the years.
2010: Info on the film “Who Is Harry Nilsson? (And why is everybody talking about him?)”
2011: Nilsson’s cover of “Isolation” 
2013: Harry Nilsson: The Shadow Beatle (MG discusses the tragic arc of Nilsson and Lennon)
2014: Jimmy Webb on Harry Nilsson
2019: A Touch of Nilsson in the Night (Pussycats era demos)

It is my tragic fate to have been born one day before Harry. Guess who I share a birthday with? Donald Fucking Trump. (Though my friends consider me an equal mix of Boy George, Steffi Graf and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.)

To celebrate Harry, I’m listening to The Point, a truly splendid collection of pop songs; they are the soundtrack to a trippy only-in-the-early-70s cartoon which can be found linked in the first post listed above. I always think of it as the grubby younger brother to Yellow Submarine.