Hey Dullblog Online Housekeeping Note

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  Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash Hello everyone, Faithful Hey Dullblog commenter Hologram Sam and others have mentioned having issues when loading the site or accessing comments, so Michael G. and I had the tech specialist we consult, Josh, take a thorough look at things. After running numerous malware checks and usability tests, Josh concluded that the site looks free of identifiable issues. He suggested that users who are having difficulty may want to run some checks on the devices they are using, to see if the issue is coming from that end. Here's his specific advice: "It could [...]

Our Comment Policy, and the Future of Dullblog

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Flower Power. Hi folks! We're getting a LOT of comments these days, which we love. Hologram Sam just sent a yawp of protest over a couple of his comments not appearing, so I wanted to set down what our guidelines are, because I realized that we haven't ever done that. 1) We love comments. Love 'em. 2) We approve 99% of readers' comments. 3) The only comments we don't approve are ones which we feel a) don't add anything substantive to the discussion, and b) are uncivil, e.g., "Yoko is a beeyotch." Ms. Ono-Lennon may or may not be a [...]

Advisory report

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I'm loving the recent posts and vigorous commentary—I wanted to direct readers to some fresh comments attached to Nancy's groundbreaking "McCartney as the Dickens of Rock" post, below....or just click here.

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