Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash

Hello everyone,

Faithful Hey Dullblog commenter Hologram Sam and others have mentioned having issues when loading the site or accessing comments, so Michael G. and I had the tech specialist we consult, Josh, take a thorough look at things. After running numerous malware checks and usability tests, Josh concluded that the site looks free of identifiable issues. He suggested that users who are having difficulty may want to run some checks on the devices they are using, to see if the issue is coming from that end. Here’s his specific advice:

“It could be a browser extension causing the issue, or it could be a security issue on the computer itself. If another user experiences this, if they could take some screen shots or grab the URL it forwards them to, that might help in the future in terms of looking into the issue on either side. My recommendation would be to tell the users the issue has been fixed, but if anyone experiences another problem like the one described, please take some screenshots, record the URL it forwards them to, and email it to you. I can look into it further if that occurs.”

I’d add that sometimes clearing the browser cache helps. Please do let us know if you’re having difficulties and send us as much information as possible, in the way of screen shots or URLs.