Harmony lesson: "This Boy"

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I stumbled upon this video and just had to share it, not only because the guy is strangely gripping to watch, but also because it reminded me exactly why I love, and will always come back to, The Beatles: their music is thrillingly, achingly beautiful. Thanks, guys.So enjoy. And I dare you not to sing along.

Beatles and Batteries: Anthony Pomes on slide

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  My mother, of all non-Beatles-fixated people, sent me the video below: I'm still investigating how she came by it. She asked if I'd ever heard of the musician (Anthony Pomes), his band (Mostly Moptop), or their live show ("Let it Be[fore and After]). "No" on all three, but I really like the sound Anthony makes in this brief instructional vid, and as a guitarist, I appreciate the inside info on the peculiar blues tuning of a minor George song. Nice Lennonesque woodgrain Casino to the side. https://youtu.be/iWYAU2HaMTM

What do you want to hear?

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Randy Bachman unlocks the secret of that most enticing of opening chords... Randy reveals how he was invited into Abbey Road Studioes by Giles Martin, son of the famous Beatles producer George Martin. Martin told Bachman he had all the Beatles source tapes saved onto a computer running Pro Tools. The master of the tapes then asked, "What do you want to hear?" Thankfully, Bachman asked himself one of the most famous mysteries in all of the Beatles songwriting history: What the hell did they all play on the opening chord in "A Hard Days Night?" (Via Dylan Hicks on FB) http://youtu.be/gwfH9oAiPH0

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