Beatles and Batteries: Anthony Pomes on slide

DEVIN McKINNEY  •  My mother, of all non-Beatles-fixated people, sent me the video below: I’m still investigating how she came by it. She asked if I’d ever heard of the musician (Anthony Pomes), his band (Mostly Moptop), or their live show (“Let it Be[fore and After]). “No” on all three, but I really like the sound Anthony makes in this brief instructional vid, and as a guitarist, I appreciate the inside info on the peculiar blues tuning of a minor George song. Nice Lennonesque woodgrain Casino to the side.

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  1. God, what great musicians those guys all were. Even a filler song like For You Blue (apologies to any FYB lovers out there) has that gem of a slide bit…

  2. Avatar Craig wrote:

    Good stuff. Lord knows I haven’t seen every Beatles cover band, but for my money, the Fab Faux is where it’s at. Comprising of members from Letterman’s and Conan’s show bands, they usually perform albums in entirety then A sides or hits in the second set. No costumes, no wigs just note for note reproduction of every sound heard on Beatles albums. Saw them perform White Album at Terminal 5 in NYC a couple years ago; simply astoundingly awesome.

    A girlfriend once mistakenly got us tix to see Rain perform at a Sunday morning brunch at BB Kings a while back….I was embarrassed to be there, the wigs and costumes on these 50 year old men were just depressing.

  3. Avatar Anonymous wrote:

    Craig, I agree with you about the Fab Faux. One of my favorite youtube clips is a live performance of Elvis Costello doing “Yes It Is” backed by the Fab Faux.

    Speaking of the cover band “Rain” I saw them recently on tv, providing accompaniment to young ice skating champions. I noticed the right-handed bass-playing “Paul” had his ears plugged up with expensive hearing protection.

    It brought home what strong stuff the real Paul is made of. He’s been blasting his eardrums for decades, and I haven’t heard any reports from him about tinnitus or hearing damage. And here is a much younger Paul impersonator, and already his ears are going.

    – Hologram Sam

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