What is Life Video Contest Entry

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Yesterday, I got the most interesting email from two Beatle fans working in the international film business. Apparently the Harrison Estate is running a worldwide contest to name the "official music video" for the Harrisong "What is Life" Based in Spain, Victor Suñer and Óscar Turín have used facial tracking and 3D modeling tech to resurrect our pal George -- and create a nice little love story, too. Victor sent me the What is Life video, plus a Making of featurette, both of which I think you'll enjoy. It's very cool, and the affection they have for George Harrison -- and the [...]

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Evolution of Strawberry Fields Forever

By |2013-08-22T12:59:25-07:00January 23, 2013|1966, 1967, John Lennon, Strawberry Fields|

If you don't know the blog Dangerous Minds, go take a look. I find it essential reading, and check it nearly every day. This morning they posted a YouTube video which lovingly traces the evolution of Strawberry Fields Forever, which I've embedded below. You'll doubtless recognize the tracks (from It's Not Too Bad, Anthology and other places), but it's a nice piece of work, a good use of the form, and well worth listening to. http://youtu.be/QS6wswlJCB4

Brian Epstein and Bullfighting

By |2016-12-01T11:14:11-08:00January 21, 2013|Brian Epstein|

RUFFLES!: Was this the portrait in Brian's bathroom? This morning I discovered this interesting article on Brian Epstein's love of bullfighting. Below is a picture of one of his favorites, "El Cordobés," also called "La Quinta Beatle."  

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