Brian Epstein and Bullfighting

Michael Gerber
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Portrait of Cordobes, "La Quinta Beatle," Spanish bullfighter, from Brian Epstein and Bullfighting

RUFFLES!: Was this the portrait in Brian’s bathroom?

This morning I discovered this interesting article on Brian Epstein’s love of bullfighting. Below is a picture of one of his favorites, “El Cordobés,” also called “La Quinta Beatle.”


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  1. Now I know why there is a picture of The Beatles dressed as bullfighters. I could never understand that, and I imagine Paul must be horrified as he is so in favour of animals. At that time I imagine they had not thought about how ugly that is. I mean, the outfit is beautiful, not what bullfighers too. They are killers of innocent animals. I wonder why a sensitive man like Brian could appreciate that. Maybe he liked El Cordobés for his stunning beauty. That I can understand.

  2. Avatar Cristina wrote:

    Man, this is very unfortunate. Did he really like bullfighting or just the men involved???. The link to the article doesn’t work anymore.

  3. Very unfortunate indeed. Another guy I loved so much and also was pro bullfighs was…James Dean. I guess at that time they had no conscious of the cruelty involved. But it was exaclty in the fifites I saw a movie against this whole idea. It was called The Brave One. Beautiful movie showing a kid trying to save his bull. About Brian, I do think he was fascinated by the bullfithers without thinking they were, in fact, terrible people killing animals. Brian even took the Beatles to see a Bullfight and made them dress themselves as bullfighters. I saw once, don’t remember where, the George commented how much he didn’t like it. Good George. Now…I didn’t understand this la Quinta Beatle hing. El Cordobez were La Quinta Beatle? why?

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