Eddie Cochran Documentary on Arena

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The venerable BBC documentary series "Arena" is my television happy place. It's really an unparalleled trove for people interested in a certain era of American and European culture. Last night, as I recovered from Moderna shot #2, I happened upon this documentary about early rock and roller Eddie Cochran. Eddie was one of the early influences on the Fabs, as well as the man behind "Twenty Flight Rock," reputedly the song that convinced John to let Paul into the band. Well worth a watch, if you're into such stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNAA6kosegA

Swinging Through The Sixties Podcast

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The many faces (and bodies) of The Profumo Affair. Since everybody seemed to enjoy last week's post on Another Kind of Mind, a podcast offering some interesting new angles on Beatles analysis, I wanted to offer up another Beatle-related podcast I'd run across recently: Swinging Through The Sixties. Though the podcast is Beatle-tilted, it also has quite a bit of general Sixties topics and talk, so that's even more up my alley. I'm currently listening to Episode #25, "The Beatles' Unrealized Album." (Once again, a topic we've discussed endlessly.) This podcast is worth listening to from the first bit with George, which [...]

John and Mimi

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Sometime in the mid-70’s, John wrote a letter to his Aunt Mimi asking her for information about the family genealogy. Mimi replied in the form of a recording. I found this little gem on Amoralto’s excellent tumblr blog and wanted to share it with fellow dullbloggers. But first, a little background on the lady who played such a significant role shaping the personality of one of the biggest rock artists in history. Bob Spitz, in his book The Beatles, describes Mimi Smith thusly: a sharp-tongued, high-principled, duty-bound young woman....There was nothing, no situation or dilemma, that Mimi was unequipped to handle. Her method [...]

Taxi cab

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http://youtu.be/9MMeUe8p9jc Via Beatles fan Colin Fleming's FB feed: Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, "Brand New Cadillac." (Also of interest to Clash fans.) Is it Ringo?

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