This …

… is absolutely transfixing.

From who knows where, via Kenwood.

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  1. Avatar J.R. Clark wrote:

    It’s how I imagine John early one morning at Der Dom, twitching, coming down off the Prelly high from the night before, with his ears ringing, his stomach growling, and his clothes smelling like fug.

  2. Dig the way that phantom Ferris wheel vanishes and reappears in the background.

  3. Nice writin’, JR. And nice photo findin’, Devin!

  4. Avatar king kevin wrote:

    Hey Dullblog and Kenwood are my favorite Beatles blogs. Love it.

  5. Avatar Annie McNeil wrote:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful, beautiful blog!

    (I say that about this here your blog, not the recommended Kenwood, which I’m sure is very nice, too.)

    Been swimming in your back entries for a few days now, and absolutely loving the tone and substance of the dialogue here. Thank you for creating this space!

    At first I thought I’d hold off on commenting until I had some brilliant insight to impart, but that might take a good long while so I figured ya’ll wouldn’t too terribly mind a little pat on the back from a new, excited reader.

    Blog on! 🙂

  6. Thanks, Annie! So glad you like it, and glad that you didn’t wait to comment. God knows lack of brilliant insight never stops ME.

    BTW, folks, Annie’s own blog, The Unruly Eyebrow, is well worth a visit. Especially if you’re dealing with a bit of vertigo, which I am these days. Hope the meds kick its ass, Annie.

  7. Avatar Annie McNeil wrote:

    Thanks for the welcome and the plug, Michael! And the meds do seem to be helping so far. 🙂

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