Which Beatles album is actually their last?

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Bare feet, ouch! Paul suffers for his art. Rob Sheffield in Rolling Stone: So let's argue: Which album truly counts as the grand finale? The case for Let It Be: It came out in 1970, which was after 1969. The case for Abbey Road: (1) virtually all of Let It Be was in the can before the Abbey Road sessions even began; (2) Abbey Road feels more like a classic Beatles record; (3) "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" was the last time all four played in the studio together; (4) the last song on Abbey Road is called "The End"; (5) except for "Her Majesty"; (6) rebounding from the Let [...]

Analyzing the Abbey Road medley

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What's the album called, again? NANCY CARR • I recently discovered the Soundscapes website, which features -- among many other things -- musicologist Alan W. Pollack's notes on the entire Beatles catalog. Not since I found George Starostin's  original review website have I been so excited about a mine of musical information and analysis. The whole set of notes is well worth your time and attention if you're interested in understanding the Beatles' work, with an emphasis on the music rather than the lyrics. Pollack does make some comments about the lyrics and the songs as whole entities, but his focus [...]

X-ing the Road

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ED PARK • From author Jeff Gordinier's interesting video promo for his book X Save the World: "Why is Paul McCartney barefoot on the cover of Abbey Road?" "I don't give a f---! Just stop talking about it." http://youtu.be/MPdEgwOsvDk

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