Juggling to Beatles? Smiles await you

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Juggling to Beatles songs? We got that. Dig this joker’s juggling to the Abbey Road medley.

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  1. Avatar Beat Girl wrote:

    Love it! And I did smile, hugely 🙂 What a find, thanks! Friday love to all beatle people xx

  2. Avatar Michael wrote:

    Ed, I really enjoyed this.

    And as always, the three-way guitar solos made me think, “Beatles done in ’69? ARE YOU KIDDING?” That is my single favorite piece of Beatle music, and this is coming from a guy who almost never listens to Abbey Road.

  3. Avatar Ed Park wrote:

    So glad you liked it!

    It is weirdly smile-making….you can kind of tell how much the juggler is flat-out enjoying the music (even as he does crazy juggling moves)….

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