David Bailey shoots Brian Epstein and the Beatles

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Devin just posted this wonderful photo of Brian Epstein on Facebook. When I asked him about it, he told me it was taken by David Bailey. Which led me, as the internet does, to this shot of BE from Bailey's famous 1964 Box of Pinups: Also in Box of Pinups was this photo below, my all-time favorite John and Paul shot. (John himself preferred another shot from the same session.) I adore David Bailey photos of The Beatles—and lots of other things, too. You can find many photos from Box of Pinups in this photoset. Well worth looking through if you love Swinging [...]

Brian Epstein and Bullfighting

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RUFFLES!: Was this the portrait in Brian's bathroom? This morning I discovered this interesting article on Brian Epstein's love of bullfighting. Below is a picture of one of his favorites, "El Cordobés," also called "La Quinta Beatle."  

The Brian Epstein Story

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Can't remember if I posted this before, but here's a great 1998 BBC documentary on Brian Epstein. (I originally posted just the first segment, but the subsequent segments were not auto-loading, so I found all nine.) Watch The Brian Epstein Story. You will enjoy it. (And when you're finished, read Devin's great story about seeing the film which I've told to more Beatlefans than I can count.) http://youtu.be/1tHJa6zhDjo http://youtu.be/SPeIPo4tAo8 http://youtu.be/N69lbr6HryU http://youtu.be/5qKLL234af0 http://youtu.be/dJaSfoj8SR4 http://youtu.be/YK1R3iORpEs http://youtu.be/_kGiauUVnBA http://youtu.be/GfRpnvUonA8 http://youtu.be/ESD79NZ3rXk

More on the breakup…

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So there, John. A great comment from Nancy on the breakup of the Beatles, in the comment thread... Here's another thought, prompted by your post and the responses to it: both John and Paul reacted to Brian Epstein's death in ways predicted by their reactions to their respective mothers' deaths. John learned from his whole childhood that he couldn't really trust anyone (from his p.o.v., both his parents abandoned him), and that if you loved someone, he or she would vanish or change beyond recognition (his Uncle George, his mother, Stu Sutcliffe, and from his perspective, Cynthia). Paul learned from his [...]

The Dizz Gillespie Story

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This is a true story, set down soon after its occurrence. I have no witnesses to corroborate the denouement, but I did tell my companions what had happened seconds later. This was in the first draft of my book Magic Circles, but was cut for reasons of length and shapeliness. One hates to see a good story, especially a true one, go untold; now, thanks to the miracle of blogspace, no story, good, bad, boring, true or untrue, need go untold again. It’s up to you to winnow out one from the other—a new challenge for the millennial reader. Who said the [...]

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