George Starostin on music today

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Longtime readers of Hey Dullblog will recall that I've posted about Starostin's music reviews before. He's prolific, insightful, and unafraid to swim against the tide -- though he's never a contrarian for controversy's sake. His reviews of the Beatles catalog are well worth reading. His original site is here, and the site he is currently updating is here. On September 1 of this year Starostin posted a lengthy essay entitled "Music: Where The Hell Is It Heading To (Twenty Years After)?" Hard to believe that it's been two decades since Starostin published his first long essay about the state of music, but [...]

The Beatles Swan Song

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Where's John? Didn't really matter, did it? I'm delighted whenever Nancy gives us some Starostin news -- he's a brilliant critic, and a fluid writer as well. He is a guy I'd like to sit around listening to albums with, and that's not something I could say about a lot of music critics (Lester Bangs, for example). But I do, predictably, have a quibble -- and it's not just with Starostin, but with a lot of the appreciations of Abbey Road that I've read over the years. Here's how Starostin starts: While speculating on all the possible and probable causes [...]

The White Album, reviewed by Starostin

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Black and white from White NANCY CARR • I can't resist highlighting another recent George Starostin review, this one of The Beatles. Every time I read his reviews, especially his reviews of the Beatles' work, I'm floored again by the fact that he's writing and publishing for free writing about music that's better than 90 percent of today's paid music journalism. While apparently working a day job as a linguistics researcher at a university. Call it slacking, call it idling, call it a hobby, call it anything you like—it's great. You can read his whole review here: Perhaps the best review [...]

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Starostin on "Magical Mystery Tour"

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I recently praised George Starostin's "Only Solitaire" review website on a comments thread, and wanted to draw the attention of Hey Dullblog's readers to his blog, which features reviews of new music and revisitings of music discussed on the original, now archived "Only Solitaire" site. The latest review is of "Magical Mystery Tour," and includes much to think on for any Beatles listener. [Background info: George Starostin isn't a professional reviewer, but a Russian linguist, born in 1976, who is a member of the faculty of the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow.] Postscript (added May 12): you can [...]

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