A Beatles Tarot

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Paul McCartney's Tarot card, The Fool. While looking for neat images with which to illustrate this post on The Beatles' in-house astrologer, I stumbled upon an interesting article on The Beatles and Tarot. As a sample, here's a portion of the entry on Paul's card, "The Fool": Interpretation: Paul needed the Beatles more than the others did. He thrived in the identity and framework provided by the group and flourished in the public acclaim of the concert stage. The Fool’s creativity made Paul the most natural musician, albeit wholly untrained, in the band. His innate Celtic romanticism revealed itself in [...]

From Dangerous Minds: The Beatles’ In-House Astrologer

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Did Harrod's Food Court have an in-house astrologer, I wonder? Since the period of late-1967 to late-1968 has come up in several comment threads of late, I wanted to pass along this post from Richard Metzger's site Dangerous Minds. I'd never heard of The Beatles' astrologer Caleb Ashburton-Dunning before...I'd just sort of assumed the existence of someone like him. Or a whole bunch of someones. You really could get anything at the Apple Boutique, couldn't you? I personally do not use fortune-telling, seances or any other such stuff as a path towards good life-decisions, but I suspect that they could be, for [...]

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