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Paul McCartney's Tarot card, The Fool

Paul McCartney’s Tarot card, The Fool.

While looking for neat images with which to illustrate this post on The Beatles’ in-house astrologer, I stumbled upon an interesting article on The Beatles and Tarot.

As a sample, here’s a portion of the entry on Paul’s card, “The Fool”:

Interpretation: Paul needed the Beatles more than the others did. He thrived in the identity and framework provided by the group and flourished in the public acclaim of the concert stage. The Fool’s creativity made Paul the most natural musician, albeit wholly untrained, in the band. His innate Celtic romanticism revealed itself in a love of story-telling songs (as opposed to sharing personal experiences) and in a love of sounds for their own sake. More than the others, he writes from the heart, not the mind, and his imagery is more frequently drawn from nature. He is pastoral and reflective whereas George could be acerbic and admonitory, or John would take refuge in the surreal and grotesque. In his songs, Beatles music best expresses the pure joy of living.


In the words of the article, “Take what follows as an excursion into the collective unconscious or an exercise in voodoo musicology, whichever you like…”

PS—Here’s another take on Beatles Tarot, by Jeanne Fiorini and The American Tarot Association. And here’s a group of tarot enthusiasts matching cards to Beatles songs