I’ve just seen (part of) a face: McCartney on the Colbert Report

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Paul McCartney on The Colbert Report, 6/12/13. NANCY CARR • Paul McCartney's hour-long June 12 appearance on The Colbert Report was great fun -- if you missed it, you can watch it all here. Colbert's introduction was characteristically hilarious and pointed. McCartney plays so many instruments he's "a one-man karoke bar without the weird videos," and Colbert is hosting a "150-person Paul McCartney concert. So Oprah, you and your free cars can suck it." And the interview featured McCartney seeming looser and happier than he's been in many others. Partly this had to be knowing Colbert was a fan who [...]

McCartney’s Musical Aviary

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Late at night when the wind is stillI'll come flying through your door… {Another in what is becoming a series of meditations on themes in McCartney's music. Let me know if I've missed any bird references! --Nancy} Birds and wings show up again and again in Paul McCartney's music–but only in his better music. I'll go out on a critical limb and declare that whenever McCartney writes about birds or flying– even in passing–he’s revealing a great deal about himself. When he writes about birds McCartney is working to transmute his feelings into music, and even his bird-featuring songs that [...]

My love does it good

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The Bonnie Benrubi Gallery in NYC is showing an exhibit of Linda McCartney's photographs through the end of the month. It looks very worth a visit, in person or online: pictures of the family, some great behind-the-scenes Beatles shots, and some portraits of other luminaries. The image they're using to advertise the show -- titled "My Love" -- is pretty terrific: My Love (1978) by Linda McCartney

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