Three Cheers for the Girls School Bus

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These dark days, I'll take opportunities to laugh wherever I can get them. On a recent trip to Indianapolis I saw this bus, and immediately imagined it as on its way to the imaginary, wink-wink-pornographic girls school Wings celebrated in song back in 1977. It was released as the B side of "Mull of Kintyre" and reached #33 on the U.S. charts. I so want to think that everyone on this bus is cheering "Hip, hip, hooray!"

Robert Freeman, Photographer of the Beatles

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On this busy Sunday (busy for me at least), let us pause for a moment to remember Robert Freeman, the man responsible for many of the most iconic images of the Beatlemania years. Freeman took the photos for With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale, HELP, and Rubber Soul, plus a proposed cover for Revolver that, if you ask me, should've been the inner sleeve. (Here's a video on that cover if you haven't seen it.) But not only the covers, which I think are probably the least interesting part. Freeman took the cover photo for both of [...]

Best Beatles Magazine Covers

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In the course of researching my post on the Beatles and the aristocracy, I came across the SatEvePost cover from 1964 which is the featured image. The Beatles as City gents is one of the few really iconic Beatles magazine covers -- given how many photos were taken of the Fabs, you'd think the shelves would be groaning with truly memorable shots, but that's not the case. If Rolling Stone had only started five years later, right? These are my personal nominations; put yours in the comments, and I'll move our most popular Beatle magazine covers up to the post. Saturday [...]

The Savage Young Beatles

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Paul McCartney in glasses, now that's something you don't see every day I must admit to a strange but persistent lack of interest in the prehistory of The Beatles. I can offer no defense; do others feel the same way? Sure, the Hamburg stories are fun -- hookers! strippers! possible murder of a drunken sailor! -- but even then I feel a certain...impatience. I welcome any attempts to turn me around on this subject. But even for a hard case like me, this exhaustive and lovingly curated collection of photos from the years before The Beatles were THE BEATLES is [...]

McCartney as collaborator

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Guess who Paul McCartney is collaborating with now? Yup, that's Lady Gaga. And yes, they are actually in the same room, not Photoshopped together. Apparently the past few weeks, which have seen the release of Kanye West's and McCartney's "Only One" and Rhianna's, West's, and McCartney's "Four Five Seconds" have only whetted Paul's desire to branch further out. No official word on what's coming out of the sessions with Gaga, but on Instagram February 1 she said "Had a beautiful session with Sir Paul McCartney and friends . . . Working on one of his many secret projects! Killer musicians, vibe, and [...]

Fab Foto Fakes: Photoshopping Beatles History

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DEVIN McKINNEY  •  There used to be a fun little shadow business going in fake Beatles records—songs with a Beatlesque sound, or just a Beatle-sounding name on the label, that got taken, however briefly and inexplicably, for the real thing. The Knickerbockers’ highly convincing knockoff “Lies” lay at one end of the scale, with something like “The Girl I Love” by “the Beatles”—in reality, a New Jersey doo wop group known elsewise as The Five Shits—at the other. (Castleman and Podrazik’s All Together Now [1975] gave the first comprehensive listing of these purposeful or inadvertent fakeries, under the succinct and irrefutable chapter [...]

McCartney’s mullet

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Sir Business-in-Front-Party-in-Back My latest internet rabbit hole, down which I can spend entirely too much time, is this  Tumblr site, which bills itself "Paul McCartney's Mullet Appreciation Blog." The site's owners, Christina and Hannah, are entirely too modest in their description: "This is not a quality blog. All I will do is post photos of Sir Paul. And his mullet. And occasionally his legs." [I've reached out to them via Tumblr; maybe C and H will tell us more about their mission of mercy.--MG] They post lots of great stuff, like this picture of John and Paul: Bangor University, [...]

Update: George Harrison’s India photos (and John’s Spain ones)

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Shooting Film has a lovely post collecting all of the fisheye selfies taken by The Quiet One in India in 1966. You should read the whole post, but I'll paste the whole set of George Harrison's India photos below. [h/t Dangerous Minds, whose ever-snappy writeup is here.] FISHEYES FOREVER: ...and as a special Dullblog bonus, here's another fisheye shot from the same period, which I first saw in Devin's book Magic Circles. John's in Almería, Spain, filming How I Won the War. DM here: Thanks to Mike for posting what I knew was the only possible closing photo for my book. I [...]

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Happy birthday, Paul! (with a few notes on style)

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Where can I find that jacket? DEVIN McKINNEY  •  Today is Paul McCartney’s 72nd birthday. He shows no signs of slowing, save for the current illness which his spokespeople will identify only as “a virus” and which has forced him to cancel several dates on his world tour—a contingency unprecedented, as far as I know, in his career. (Surely it’s ironic in some way that he’s taking his rest in Tokyo, cite of his traumatic 1980 pot bust.) What can you say on Paul’s birthday but “Happy birthday”? What can you ask but the same question you’ve asked on every [...]

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