McCartney’s Musical Aviary

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Late at night when the wind is stillI'll come flying through your door… {Another in what is becoming a series of meditations on themes in McCartney's music. Let me know if I've missed any bird references! --Nancy} Birds and wings show up again and again in Paul McCartney's music–but only in his better music. I'll go out on a critical limb and declare that whenever McCartney writes about birds or flying– even in passing–he’s revealing a great deal about himself. When he writes about birds McCartney is working to transmute his feelings into music, and even his bird-featuring songs that [...]

Killing Joke

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MOLLIE WILSON REILLY • Did anybody else see McCartney on The Colbert Report Wednesday night? It was a pretaped interview, and it was...uncomfortable. At least, I thought so -- what do you think? The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive Why so prickly, Sir Paul? Where's that sense of humor? And why is the editing so choppy? At first it seemed so disjointed I thought maybe it was a spoof interview -- either they were matching answers with different questions (as they sometimes do on these humorous TV programs), or perhaps -- given the constant [...]

Middle eight

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ED PARK • Q: The Beatles’ music was always wonderful, but at a certain point it became something more than entertainment; at what point did you know that the work you were doing was important? PAUL: It’s difficult to discuss this without sounding immodest, but I think I started to feel it around the time of “Eleanor Rigby.” Prior to that, I thought the music was very good, and I realized we were in a different league when we wrote “From Me To You,” because it had a middle eight in it and went somewhere we hadn’t been before, but you used [...]

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